WooCommerce Blocks 6.0.1 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 6.0.1 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release is packed with new features, an updated Checkout block, a new Terms and Condition block, global styles for reviews blocks, new extensibility for filtering payment methods, and several bug fixes!

What’s New in the Checkout block?

The new iteration takes the existing design of the Checkout Block and converts it to use Inner Blocks. What this means for the end-user is that instead of having a fixed layout Checkout Block, they are instead given a checkout constructed out of many smaller blocks, with more control over each.

As an example, look at the Contact Information section in the existing Checkout. All options are shown at Checkout Block level, including options related to contact Information:

Now, this has become its own block, with its own settings:

Additionally, blocks such as the Contact Information Block have their own Inner Block areas, meaning a user can insert other optional blocks in this area without code:

From a developer perspective, this means the Checkout block is more extensible than ever because new blocks can be registered and either force inserted into a specific area, or made available to users in the Block inserter.

Terms and Conditions Block

We heard your suggestions, and took the opportunity to also introduce a Terms and Conditions block. This block was one of the main motivations for this update to the Checkout block. To create a Terms and Condition block, we needed to make the editing experience easier.

The block can function as a required checkbox, or just as text.

Extending the Checkout block

The Checkout block can now be extended by introducing third-party blocks inside it. Developers can create blocks that forced into the Checkout layout or optional (like the Terms and Conditions block). Keep an eye on this blog as we will share a guide into how to extend the Checkout block soon.

What’s happening next

This release includes a lot of leg work needed to update the Cart block to use innerBlocks as well, so keep an eye for that soon. Are you wondering what we have we’re working on currently and in the future? Read more over on our recent post giving you a peek into the WooCommerce Blocks roadmap.

Global Styles for reviews blocks

WooCommerce Blocks 6.0.0 adds the ability to style the All Reviews, Reviews by Product, and Reviews by Category blocks:

Updating the styles can be done a block basis using the new sidebar panels:

Or, if you’re using a theme that supports full site editing, you can update them on Global Styles panel in the Site Editor:



You can read a detailed changelog into what changed in this release:


  • Checkout v2: The checkout now supports inner blocks that allow for greater customizability. This update also includes an optional Terms and Conditions field. (4745)
  • Added global styles to All Reviews, Reviews by Category and Reviews by Product blocks. Now it’s possible to change the text color and font size of those blocks. (4323)
  • Improve the Checkout Order Summary block accessibility by making more info available to screen readers. (4810)
  • Update canMakePayment to receive cart as argument and make it react to changes in billingData. Improve the performance of calculating canMakePayment after changes in the Checkout block. (4776)
  • Add support for extensions to filter express payment methods. (4774)

Bug Fixes

  • Checkout: Throw an exception if there is a shipping method required and one isn’t selected at the time of placing an order. (4784)
  • Fix infinite recursion when removing an attribute filter from the Active filters block. (4816)
  • Show placeholder message in the shipping section when there are no rates. (4765)
  • Update All Reviews block so it honors ‘ratings enabled’ and ‘show avatars’ preferences. (4764)
  • Fix state validation if base location has a state, and the address has an optional state. (4761)
  • Products by Category: Moved renderEmptyResponsePlaceholder to separate method to prevent unnecessary rerender. (4751)
  • Fix validation message styling so they never overlap other elements. (4734)
  • Removed receiveCart method that was exposed in a couple of SlotFills by mistake. (4730)
  • Fix calculation of number of reviews in the Reviews by Category block. (4729)


  • Add documentation for registerPaymentMethodExtensionCallbacks. (4834)


  • Removed wp-blocks dependency from several frontend scripts. (4767)

6.0.1 patch release

This post includes both the release post for 6.0.0 but also 6.0.1 which was released right after 6.0.0 to fix a migration bug in Checkout block on the frontend. This bug affects Checkout blocks that have custom class names or alignment added to them, which prevented the block from loading in the frontend unless resaved.

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