WooCommerce Blocks 6.1.0 Release Notes

Today we released a new version of WooCommerce Blocks!

Version 6.1.0 is now available on WordPress.org and GitHub.

In this release we made several bug fixes, such as ensuring the Filter button lines up properly with the dropdown menu in the Filter Products by Attribute block, and fixing the Product Categories List block where incorrect indentation would be used when displaying several levels of nested categories.

Correctly nested categories in the Product Categories List block

We also fixed an issue where translations would not load correctly in the All Products block.

As well as these bug fixes, we made an accessibility improvement where we ensured screen readers would read the correct values on the Filter Products by Price slider.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix the dropdown list in Product Category List Block for nested categories (4920)
  • Fixed string translations within the All Products Block. (4897)
  • Filter By Price: Update aria values to be more representative of the actual values presented. (4839)
  • Fixed: Filter button from Filter Products by Attribute block is not aligned with the input field. (4814)
  • Remove IntersectionObserver shim in favor of dropping IE11 support. (4808)

One response to “WooCommerce Blocks 6.1.0 Release Notes”

  1. k8w5xdsevyhitzvkt Avatar

    Shortly after moving to 6.1.0, several buyers said their order froze at checkout on 2 of my sites and they did not get a confirmation screen. Orders did actually go through.

    A couple hours later, it completely killed my checkout page (ice cream cone). Rolling back to 6.0.1 fixed it.

    There are multiple people complaining about the same issue. Definitely not just my sites.

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