Action Scheduler 3.4.0

Hi all!

We’re happy to announce a new version of the Action Scheduler library is out now! It brings you more stability, configuration options, and performance improvements.



You can now change how many actions to display per page in WordPress Admin Tools > Scheduled Actions. (#771)


To improve performance, you can now filter the ORDER BY portion of the SQL query that claims actions. In case you can be sure you don’t really care about strict ordering of planned overdue actions, you can e.g. remove ordering by scheduled_time_gmt, which considerably improves the speed of execution of the query and reduces the probability of deadlocks (#773).

In addition, after extensive testing, we’ve decided to drop claim_id index, as it was causing slowdowns and was superfluous since we recently added a composite index that covers claim_id column (#774).


When the execution limit is set to 0 (i.e. no limit), then calling ActionScheduler_Compatibility::raise_time_limit( $new_limit ) for $new_limit > 0 won’t set the limit, as it would be imposing a new limit rather than raising it. (#755)


There are several problems that might arise during version reconciliation when multiple plugins use Action Scheduler. By applying #731, we’re solving one class of those problems by not triggering autoload of AS classes when testing for the existence of the ActionScheduler and ActionScheduler_Versions classes.

Code gardening

PHP CS fixes and improvements:

Contributors ❤️

Thanks to all the contributors who improved Action Scheduler, tested the PRs and provided their input!

Please test the new version on your staging environment before going into production and let us know on GitHub if you find any problems.

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