WooCommerce Blocks 7.2.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 7.2.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org. WooCommerce Blocks 7.2.0 will also be included in WooCommerce 6.4.

This release contains some fixes for the Mini Cart Block, and some further improvements for the Store API in preparation for the next release of WooCommerce core.

Dev Notes

Renamed headers

As part of finalising the Store API, we’ve removed all X- prefixes from the customer response headers (doing so is no longer a recommended practice).

The X-WC-Store-API-Nonce header has been renamed to Nonce, so if you’ve been consuming the experimental Store API, this will need to be renamed in your client.

This change also includes X-WC-Store-Api-Nonce-Timestamp to Nonce-Timestamp and X-WC-Store-User to User-ID.

See #6020 for further details.

Renamed classes and namespaces

Also part of finalising the Store API, we renamed some of our classes and namespaces.

The ExtendRestApi class is now ExtendSchema and it now lives under the Automattic\WooCommerce\StoreApi\Schemas namespace.

The Automattic\WooCommerce\Blocks\RestApi class has been renamed to Automattic\WooCommerce\StoreApi\StoreApi.

The namespace Automattic\WooCommerce\Blocks\StoreApi is now Automattic\WooCommerce\StoreApi.

Read #5982 for more details.

ExtendRestApi ExtendSchema public functions

You no longer need to call the package manager and get ExtendRestApi ExtendSchema from it, you can call those public functions for the same task:

  • woocommerce_store_api_register_endpoint_data( $args )
  • woocommerce_store_api_register_update_callback( $args )
  • woocommerce_store_api_register_payment_requirements( $args )
  • woocommerce_store_api_get_formatter( $name )

Those functions receive the same args as the class ones (they’re wrappers).

See #5941.


Bug Fixes

  • StoreAPI: Clear all wc notice types in the cart validation context #5983
  • Fix loading more WC core translations in locales where WC Blocks is not localized for some strings. #6036
  • Ensure shipping address is set for virtual orders to prevent missing country errors. #6050


  • Memoize/cache filter results so that we don’t call third party filters too often #5143


  • Remove v1 string from Store Keys. (5987)
  • Introduce the InvalidCartException for handling cart validation. (5904)
  • Renamed Store API custom headers to remove X-WC-Store-API prefixes. #5983
  • Normalised Store API error codes #5992
  • Deprecated woocommerce_blocks_checkout_order_processed in favour of woocommerce_store_api_checkout_order_processed
  • Deprecated woocommerce_blocks_checkout_update_order_meta in favour of woocommerce_store_api_checkout_update_order_meta
  • Deprecated woocommerce_blocks_checkout_update_order_from_request in favour of woocommerce_store_api_checkout_update_order_from_request

2 responses to “WooCommerce Blocks 7.2.0 Release Notes”

  1. Hi, after we update the WooCommerce Block plugin to the latest 7.2.0, we get error “Deprecated: Automattic\WooCommerce\Blocks\Domain\Services\ExtendRestApi is deprecated since version 7.2.0! Use Automattic\WooCommerce\StoreApi\Schemas\ExtendSchema instead. in /home/icarecom/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5316”

    Please assist?


  2. senadir Avatar

    Hey, this has been fixed in 7.2.1 until other plugins are updated.

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