WooCommerce Blocks 7.6.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 7.6.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org. WooCommerce Blocks 7.6.0 will also be included in WooCommerce 6.6.

In this release, we have worked hard to improve some of our blocks, adding new features and fixing bugs.

Top of the list are the improvements we made to the Featured Category and Featured Product Blocks, these are:

  • Ability to set the background colour on the block and with global styles in the appearance editor
  • Ability to edit background images from within the block, including an ability to crop, zoom, rotate or change aspect ratio of an image.
  • Ability to add custom “alt” text on the background image.

We also added the ability to disable images on Product Grid blocks, these are:

  • Hand-picked Products
  • Products by Tag
  • Products by Attribute
  • Products by Category
  • Best Selling Products
  • Newest Products
  • On Sale Products
  • Top Rated Products

We also fixed some bugs in three of our blocks:

  • Reviews by Category Block will now correctly list only reviews for selected categories if multiple categories were selected
  • Mini Cart Block can now be inserted into the template when opening the template editor from the page editor sidebar.
  • Filter Products by Attribute Block will now work correctly with the Product Catalogue template when inserted on the page in the template editor.

Finally, we also removed the Product Tag Cloud widget.

Dev notes

Due to a bug in WP Core (which was fixed in WordPress/WordPress@257b634), current_theme_supports-{*} filters aren’t applied if there is no argument passed to current_theme_supports(). The Template panel relies on supportsTemplateMode setting which is set by current_theme_supports( 'block-templates' ) WordPress 6.0 will fix this.



  • Featured Category: Add background color option. (6368)
  • Featured Product: Add background color option. (6367)
  • Added media controls allowing the user to edit images within the editor on a Featured Category block. (6360)
  • Added media controls allowing the user to edit images within the editor on a Featured Product block. (6348)
  • Add the alt text control to the Featured Category block media settings. (6341)
  • Hide the Product Tag Cloud from the Widgets screen in classic themes. (6327)
  • Add the alt text control to the Featured Product block media settings. (6308)
  • GridContentControl: Add product image control. (6302)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Align Empty Mini Cart Contents block center in the Site Editor. (6379)
  • Remove the Template panel from the Setting Sidebar for Shop page. (6366)
  • Parse categories coming from the back-end as a json array. (6358)
  • Update the default width of Classic Template to Wide width. (6356)
  • Fix: Mini Cart block is not available from the Edit template screen. (6351)
  • Fix Filter Products by Attribute block not working on PHP templates when Filter button was enabled. (6332)

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  1. THANKS for disabling the image in product grid block, i was looking for that

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