Update to Action Scheduler Requirements

We plan on bumping the minimum requirements for Action Scheduler in an upcoming release.

The Details

Currently, Action Scheduler requires at least PHP 5.6 but, principally in order to add improved handling for certain error conditions, we are going to bump that requirement to PHP 7.0.

How can I tell if this affects me?

If you are a developer who maintains a plugin that depends on Action Scheduler, then you don’t need to do anything immediately.

However, unless your plugin’s minimum requirements already meet or exceed those outlined above, you may wish to plan for a corresponding minimum requirements bump of your own before you next ship an update containing a future version of Action Scheduler.

Additionally, for anyone who operates a WordPress site that uses Action Scheduler as a stand-alone plugin, your site must be running PHP 7.0 or higher to avoid any issues during future plugin updates.

What action should I take?

In most cases, no immediate action is needed—but you may wish to plan for this change and communicate it to your own users if necessary.

If you have any questions about this change, then please do let us know: the #developers channel in our WooCommerce Community Slack is a great place for that.

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