WooCommerce 6.6.1 Fix Release

WooCommerce 6.6.1 is available for download. It introduces a few fixes for issues that were introduced in the 6.6.0 release.

What’s New?

  • WooCommerce 6.6.0 introduced sanitization for payment gateway titles. This could cause a problem if you had a payment gateway that didn’t properly set a title. We’ve fixed the issue introduced in 6.6.0 with gateways that don’t set a title. [#33434]
  • We’ve fixed an issue with WooCommerce 6.6.0 with searching for products when WordPress 5.8 was also installed. [#6590]
  • We’ve resolved an issue with Blocks that was causing some product images to not render because the “Product image is visible” option wasn’t being interpreted correctly. [#6599]

You can download the latest release of WooCommerce here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

As usual, if you spot issues in WooCommerce core, please log them in detail on GitHub. Found a security issue? Please submit a report via HackerOne.

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