WooCommerce Blocks 8.2.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 8.2.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release contains many enhancements and bug fixes to the Cart, Mini Cart and Checkout blocks, including a fix for missing inner blocks translations in the editor.

This version also adds a fallback to the Products by Attribute template in block themes and makes the Featured Product/Category button link to auto-update after changing the product or category. You can read the full changelog below:



  • Add update_customer_from_request action to Checkout flow. (6792)
  • Update: New block icon for the Mini Cart block. (6784)
  • Introduce productNameFormat filter for cart items in Cart and Checkout blocks. (4993)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix proceed to checkout button not working for custom links. (6804)
  • Mini Cart block: Remove the compatibility notice. (6803)
  • Fix: Render the product attribute archive page using the archive-product template. (6776)
  • Ensure using the “Use shipping as billing” checkbox in the Checkout Block correctly syncs the addresses when making the order. (6773)
  • Ensure shipping package names are shown correctly in the Checkout Block when a cart contains multiple packages. (6753)
  • Select the correct inner button for the “Featured Item” button to update its URL. (6741)
  • Fix the spacing between separate shipping packages in the Checkout Block. (6740)
  • Fix missing translations in the inspector (editor mode). (6737)
  • Fix: Navigate through Mini Cart contents with keyboard. (6731)
  • Fix: Ensure add to cart notices are displayed on pages containing the Mini Cart block. (6728)
  • Fix Cart and Checkout blocks compatibility issue with wordpress.com in which blocks wouldn’t load in the editor. (6718)
  • Fixes an issue where search lists would not preserve the case of the original item. (6551)

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