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WooCommerce Payments 3.9.4–4.5.1 Security releases

We’ve just started rolling out automatic updates with patches for WooCommerce Payments 3.9–4.5. This fix contains important security improvements so please make sure to update your site if you don’t get the update automatically.

Please find below the list of fix releases:

Fix releases

7 replies on “WooCommerce Payments 3.9.4–4.5.1 Security releases”

I don’t understand why you guys keep sending me this message saying that I need to update my information to keep getting paid I already have twice so can you please let me know why they keep sending me this message I did turn in my employer number the IEN# there should be no reason why I should have any problems receiving my payments.

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A mí tampoco me han pagado la primera operación con su sistema de pago, si sigue así voy a quitar este medio de pago


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