WooCommerce Blocks 9.1.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 9.1.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release includes the debut of Product Query powered Products block, a new set of patterns, alignment options for several blocks, and a bunch of bug fixes!

Products block

This release includes the first iteration of the Products Block.

With this block, you can choose what criteria affect the list of blocks displayed to shoppers as well as control the layout of the products in the list/grid by the various element blocks.

Developers, under the hood this is a variation of the WP Query Loop block so there is some built-in extensibility of this block.

It’s labelled beta because we’re still polishing this but look forward to any feedback you can provide on the block.


This release also includes 3 “commerce-adjacent” patterns for WooCommerce stores. “Commerce adjacent” means that the patterns are not connected to any WooCommerce data, which gives a bit more flexibility around what you link to, the images used etc. We are working on patterns connected to WooCommerce data too, stay tuned!

Store Info Alternating Image and Text

The “Store Info Alternating Image and Text” commerce adjacent pattern is a block that can be used as inspiration for merchants wanting to showcase some basic information about the store. In the example pattern some details about the types of products and the store itself.

Screenshot with the Twenty Twenty Three theme and the “Whisper” style.

Product Hero 2 Column 2 Row

The “WooCommerce Product Hero 2 Column 2 Row” block pattern is a straightforward hero design that can be used by adding two attention-grabbing images, some custom product description text and customizing the button block to be linked to any page.

Just Arrived full hero

The “Just Arrived Full Hero” block pattern is also another straightforward hero design that can be used with an attention-grabber image some simple callout text, and a button block that can be linked to any page.

How the block will look like to customers on Twenty Twenty Three theme and the “Whisper” style.



  • Introduce Products block in beta. (7815)
  • Introduce “WooCommerce Alternating Image and Text” block pattern. (7827)
  • Introduce “WooCommerce Product Hero 2 Column 2 Row” block pattern. (7814)
  • Introduce “Just Arrived Full Hero” block pattern. (7812)
  • Add to Cart Button: Add support for the alignment setting. (7816)
  • Product Rating: Add support for the alignment setting. (7790)
  • Rename Active Product Filters block to Active Filters. (7753)
  • Products Block: Add support for filtering by attributes within the block. (7743)
  • Align the font-sizes in filters. (7707)

Bug Fixes

  • Mini Cart block: Load wc-blocks-registry package at the page’s load instead of lazy load it. (7813)
  • Hide the shipping address form from Checkout Block in Editor and rename the Billing Address label when “Force shipping to the customer billing address” is enabled. (7800)
  • Product Price: Fix the alignment setting. (7795)
  • Fix: Show tax label in Cart and Checkout block. (7785)
  • Make Footer and Header patterns available in pattern chooser. (7699)
  • Fix: Products block editor preview with Stock Status setting. (7682)

technical debt

  • Clean up unused CSS code. (7751)

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  1. Great what you did with product blocks 👍

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