Developer Office Hours: December Edition

Hi folks! We are back with our monthly iteration of Office Hours.

What Are Office Hours?

Office hours are an opportunity for developers to ask questions they need answered or share challenges they need help navigating. This is something that is already happening organically in our Slack channels, which is great! But now we also want to create dedicated blocks of time to make sure there is someone from our team who can help answer questions and facilitate the conversations around challenges.

This month’s office hours

We will hold office hours on December 21 at 14:00UTC – 15:00UTC in the #developers channel on the WooCommerce Community Slack

This month we will be joined by @nielslange and @opr18 who are both interested in Block Extensibility.

This is a great opportunity for those of you who want to know more about WooCommerce Blocks Extensibility or have feedback you want to give in a synchronous session.

This session is for new and experienced developers, and while we have our subject focus on Block Extensibility, we welcome all community questions and feedback.

We hope to see you there, and please comment below what subjects you’d like to focus on for future sessions. This will help us schedule  subject matter experts to answer all of your questions. 

See you soon!

4 responses to “Developer Office Hours: December Edition”

  1. Do office hours have a downloadable calendar invite somewhere?

    1. Hi there! They don’t, but I think that’s a good idea.

      1. Anything stopping from attaching the event file here today?

        1. The event is now linked to in the text above. ☺️

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