WooCommerce Blocks 9.2.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 9.2.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

This release includes lots of small bug fixes and enhancements that make some of the blocks more stable.

Cart & Checkout buttons are editable

On the Cart Block, the “Proceed to Checkout” button text is now editable in the editor. On the Checkout block, the “Place Order” button text is also editable. These will default to the original text if left empty

Editable button in the Checkout block
Editable button in the Cart block

Simplified account creating settings in Checkout Block

We’ve removed some duplicate settings related to creating accounts and logging in during the checkout process. These settings are now pulled from WooCommerce Core and respected inside the Checkout Block.

Non-ASCII support for Filter by Attribute Block

You can now add non-ASCII product attributes and they will be respected by the Filter by Attribute Block.

Various other bug fixes, enhancements, and updates to documentation are detailed in the changelog below



  • Product Query: Add Product Visibility support. (7951)
  • Remove account creation setting from Checkout block. (7941)
  • Enable merchants to adjust the label of the Place Order button according to their needs. (7843)
  • Enable merchants to edit the button labels within the Mini Cart block. (7817)
  • Fix Mini Cart icon color in Global Styles blocks customizer. (7762)
  • Enable merchants to adjust the label of the Proceed to Checkout button according to their needs. (7733)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that was overriding the archive-product when saving a fallback template. (7975)
  • Fix: Add non-ASCII terms support to Filter by Attribute block. (7906)
  • Fix: Ensure that the Checkout block respects the WooCommerce core settings for guest checkout and account creation. (7883)
  • A notice is now displayed in the editor whenever the Filter by Rating block is used in a store that has no products with ratings. Additionally, users can now preview/update the content, settings, and color for the filter even when the store doesn’t have any ratings yet. (7763)
  • Prevent invalid data being pushed to the server when validating fields on the checkout. (7755)


  • Added documentation for the selectors of the cart data store. (7708)

Technical debt

  • Show notices to the shopper if an item in the cart’s quantity is updated automatically. (7938)


  • Remove hidden autocomplete fields in checkout. (7953)

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