Recent Action Scheduler Updates

Action Scheduler is used in at least 18 different plugins amongst the 2500 most popular plugins on WordPress. These recent updates should help in the continuous improvement of Action Scheduler’s critical performance in all of your task queuing needs. 

  • Action Scheduler will now warn the user if there are past due actions. Gone are the days of thousands of pending actions piling up without notice; this helpful support piece will keep your jobs moving.
  • Additionally partial argument matching querying is now possible, with the addition of ‘like’ to engage the LIKE implementation. And ‘json’ to engage the JSON_*() methods implementation. 

We will post a developer advisory for this release, which is expected in the next two weeks.

2 responses to “Recent Action Scheduler Updates”

  1. Hi. When will this be officially released? It has not been tagged with a new version yet.

    1. shanibanerjee Avatar

      Hi Alev! This should be released within the next two weeks; we will post a Developer Advisory for the release.

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