WooCommerce Blocks 9.6.0 & 9.6.1 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 9.6.1 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

Notable changes

Global Styles

The Product Rating block has gained support for padding global styles, making it easy to add spacing around it.

Screenshot showing the tool to set specific padding to the Product Rating block

Feature graduation – Checkout Filters

In this release, we graduated two functions from experimental to stable, the work was carried out in PR #8346 which contains more information. The functions we graduated are:

  • __experimentalApplyCheckoutFilter
  • __experimentalRegisterCheckoutFilters

These functions are now named: applyCheckoutFilter and registerCheckoutFilters respectively.

This change comes after a long period of assessment to decide if this is a good approach for extensibility and we decided that it is.

How to upgrade

To upgrade and to ensure your integrations continue to work, please simply rename all uses of the experimental functions to use the new stable names.

Next steps

We will leave a notice in the JavaScript console for at least 6 months to alert developers who continue to use the experimental functions that they can upgrade. This will be in place until at least version 10.9.0 at which point we will remove the experimental functions.


  • Improved default headings and styling of the cart block and fixed the display of cart and checkout block editable fields when using dark themes. (8380)
  • Add a reset button for the Filter blocks. (8366)
  • Update the incompatible gateways notice design. (8365)
  • Product Rating: Add support for the Padding setting. (8347)
  • Update apply button description to be more clear for filter blocks. (8339)
  • Allow third party shipping methods to declare compatibility with WC Blocks local pickup. (8256)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where certain checkout fields were being reset when changing the shipping option. (8400)
  • Fix bug in which errors would be shown twice in Checkout block. (8390)
  • Filter by Rating: Fix functionality to for resetting filters using the Reset button. (8374)
  • Fix a bug in WordPress 5.9 in which changing quantity doesn’t work inside Cart and Mini Cart blocks. (8356)
  • Fix potential conflict between newsletter extensions on the checkout page. (8354)
  • Mini Cart block: Fix the drawer content height to allow the checkout button to be visible. (8351)
  • Prevent errors relating to the coupon input disappearing when focusing/blurring the coupon input and the value of the input field remains unchanged. (8349)
  • Fix: The experimental typography styles for the Store Breadcrumbs block are now restricted to the feature plugin. (8345)
  • Fix console error of isLoading for Price filter block. (8340)
  • Checkout – Allow partial pushes of address data to work before a country is provided (8425)
  • Make Mini Cart Contents block visible in the Style Book. (8458)
  • Fixed an issue where cart item data could cause fatal errors if it was an array. (8440)
  • Fix Customer account sidebar link incorrect margin in WP 6.2. (8437)
  • Fix cases in which Checkout would validate customer country against the wrong state. (8460)

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