Revisiting WordPress Core Support Policy for WooCommerce

At present, WooCommerce follows an L-2 support policy, meaning it supports the latest version of WordPress and the two preceding versions. This approach was chosen to ensure optimal performance and stability as WordPress Core evolves.

By limiting the range of WordPress versions that can be used with WooCommerce, we are able to allocate resources, including testing, more effectively to ensure that WooCommerce runs smoothly, free from errors and bugs.

While our previous L-2 support policy served us well, we have decided to go one step further by adopting an L-1 support policy starting with WooCommerce 7.8 in June of 2023. This change will only affect merchants who choose to update WooCommerce regularly but elect not to keep their WordPress installations up to date.

Under the new policy, WooCommerce will support the latest version of WordPress and the previous version. For instance, WooCommerce 7.5 would be compatible with:

  • WordPress 6.1, the current version.
  • WordPress 6.0, the previous version.

This change will help minimize the risk of introducing bugs, promote faster adoption of new WordPress features, and encourage merchants to stay up to date with relevant security and bug fixes for both WooCommerce and WordPress.

What action should I take?

To make sure you are up-to-date with relevant security and bug fixes for both WooCommerce and WordPress, make sure to keep your versions as closely in sync as possible.

2 responses to “Revisiting WordPress Core Support Policy for WooCommerce”

  1. I guess you want to say the the current WordPress version, as well as the latest release from the previous release branches, right ?
    because latest of 6.0 is 6.0.3 and the latest of 6.1 branch is 6.1.1

    1. Jonathan Sadowski Avatar
      Jonathan Sadowski

      Thanks for the question. Correct, we’d support the latest and previous release branches of WordPress. As you mentioned, this would be 6.1.1 and 6.0.3 if the policy were put in place right now.

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