WooCommerce Blocks 9.7.0 & 9.7.1 Release Notes

Update: After releasing WC Blocks 9.7.1 we received some reports from the community that it was causing a fatal error in some stores. The issue could be reproduced in WordPress sites which didn’t have Gutenberg enabled. We started investigating it as soon as we learned about it and we released a fixed version soon after: 9.7.2.

We really appreciate all the feedback and reports we received from the community, it really helps us make WooCommerce better! Thanks a lot for being a part of the WooCommerce community.

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 9.7.1 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

Notable changes

New Blocks

We’re thrilled to introduce the following new blocks for the Single Product Template. This is our first iteration to port over existing functionalities of the Single Product template to the Site Editor.

  • Single Product Details block: The block version of the product details in the Single Product Template. Merchants can now add product descriptions, information, and reviews to their stores.
  • Add to Cart Form block: The block version of the add to cart form enables merchants to display a button in single product templates. Options are also displayed depending on product type. e.g. quantity, variation.

Disabling payment gateways stops associated saved payment information from displaying

We have improved our payment system by preventing saved cards from displaying if the payment gateway that added them is disabled. This ensures that users only see available and enabled payment options, making the payment process more efficient and straightforward.

Clearer Checkout Events in the Payment System

We have made changes to the checkout events in our payment system to improve clarity and reduce confusion. Several events were renamed to improve their accuracy and clarity:

  • onCheckoutValidationBeforeProcessing renamed to onCheckoutValidation
  • onCheckoutAfterProcessingWithSuccess renamed to onCheckoutSuccess
  • onCheckoutAfterProcessingWithError renamed to onCheckoutFail
  • onPaymentProcessing renamed to onPaymentSetup

Fix: Product categories, Product Tags & Keyword filters not working in the Products block

The following filters should be working fine, which are available in the Inspector Controls of the Products block:

  • Product Categories
  • Product tags
  • Keyword


  • Add Related Products block. (8522)
  • Products block: Set the Product Title as a link by default. (8519)
  • Add support for the woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_args filter in the Products block. (8422)
  • Enable the Inherit query from template setting by default for the Products block in archive products templates. (8375)
  • Update the blockified archive templates to use the Products block. (8308)
  • Improve the dismissal behavior of the incompatible gateways notice. (8299)
  • Add the Add to Cart Form block, allowing merchants to display a button so the customer can add a product to their cart. Options will also be displayed depending on product type. e.g. quantity, variation. (8284)
  • All Products: Add alignment settings for the Product Rating and Product Price blocks. (8264)
  • Enable users to migrate to blockified Product Archive templates. (8248)
  • Add Product Image Gallery block. (8235)
  • Add Single Product Details block that displays the product description, information, and reviews. (8225)

Bug Fixes

  • Add the woocommerce_disable_compatibility_layer filter to disable the compatibility layer. Disable the compatibility layer when Archive Product and Single Product templates contain the WooCommerce Product Grid Block. (8550)
  • Ensure custom shipping methods supporting local pickup show up in the shipping options when no WC Blocks pickup locations are enabled. (8542)
  • Focus the coupon code input when the form is revealed in the cart. (8525)
  • Fix: Make Price product margin work in the All products block. (8518)
  • Fix an issue in which setting the city/state would not persist in the first time for certain customers. (8497)
  • Fix noticeContext declaration in the Shipping calculator. (8495)
  • Update Product Details block so it inherits more styles from the theme. (8494)
  • Fix: Adjust Catalog Sorting colors in dark themes. (8483)
  • Remove opinionated styles from Button component on block themes that define button styles. (8478)
  • Fix individual border controls not showing in the editor for Featured Product and Featured Category blocks. (8472)
  • Fix potential console warnings when certain Checkout Blocks are disabled. (8471)
  • Prevent saved cards from appearing that belong to gateways that are not enabled. (8461)
  • Fix error: “Undefined property $area” error on the BlockTemplatesController. (8443)
  • Fixed an issue where warnings relating to payment method script dependencies were shown when editing pages with Elementor. (8428)
  • Performance – Prevent extra API hydration in the editor when using All Products block. (8413)
  • Product Price: Fix typography styles in the editor. (8398)
  • Fix spacing and display issues for Store Breadcrumbs, Catalog Sorting and Product Result Counts blocks. (8391)
  • Fix Product categories, Product Tags & Keyword filter not working in Products block. (8377)

Technical debt

  • Rename the checkout events. (8381)

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