A Week with Woo

We have a big week of events to interact with you, our community, coming up. Take a look at our upcoming synchronous chats and drop in to give us feedback, get answers to your questions, or just say hello 👋🏽

WC Blocks Extensibility Chat

Monday, March 13th, at 16:00 UTC

Come chat with our Cart and Checkout Blocks developers. Share your thoughts on what’s most important to you when it comes to extending on the Cart and Checkout Blocks, and get answers to questions directly from Woo developers who are working on this project.

Developer Office Hours

Wednesday, March 15th, at 14:00UTC

This month’s developer office hours features our very own @williamcstaley, Director of Developer Product.

This session is a great opportunity to chat with us about the freshly published 2023 WooCommerce Roadmap, ask questions or provide feedback on all things Platform, as well as get to know our leadership a little bit better.

Subscriptions Plugin + HPOS Upgrade Party

Thursday, March 16th, all day

Do you have code that integrates with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin? We invite you to the Subscriptions Plugin + HPOS upgrade party, where WooCommerce Subscriptions developers will be available in order to help you make your code compatible with the new version of Subscriptions.

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