WooCommerce Blocks 9.8.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 9.8.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

Better performance and look and feel for the Mini Cart block

With this release, we introduced many improvements to the Mini Cart block. Among others, it’s been optimized and has better performance. When opening the Mini Cart, the content shows up immediately, as it’s preloaded in the background while the browser is idle.

The Empty Mini Cart button, which encourages shoppers to add products to the cart, now matches your theme styles.

Improved Attributes filtering in Products block

The new Products block now allows filtering products by attribute directly from the Editor interface. The experience has been enhanced by providing a user-friendly collapsible menu with attributes. Additionally, you can quickly filter attributes by typing their name. These enhancements provide a more streamlined experience for selecting the products you want to display.

Also, when checking the attributes, there’s now a live preview of the products from the Editor perspective, which allows seeing how the block will be displayed in the frontend of your store.

Improved margins in Products block patterns

There are a number of available patterns using the Products block. All of them have now consistent and scalable margins.

Here’s the list of available patterns to try out:

  • WooCommerce 1:1 Image 4-Column Products Row
  • WooCommerce 3-Column Product Row
  • WooCommerce 4-Column Product Row
  • WooCommerce Large Image Product Gallery
  • WooCommerce Minimal 5-Column Products Row
  • WooCommerce Minimal Product List
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery
  • WooCommerce Product list with 1:1 images
  • WooCommerce Product list with full product description

Dev note

In this release, we are adding two new filters for the Cart block, they are: proceedToCheckoutButtonLabel and proceedToCheckoutButtonLink.

By using these filters, developers can alter the text and link of the “Proceed to checkout” button in the Cart. Our documentation has additional information on these filters and an example of how to use them.



  • Add Product Meta block. #8484
  • Add proceedToCheckoutButtonLabel and proceedToCheckoutButtonLink filters and delete cached filters when registering new ones. #8613
  • Add border style controls to the Mini Cart block. #8654
  • Add support to non-AJAX add to cart in the Products block. #8532
  • Fix mini-cart Start shopping button to follow the current theme styles. #8567
  • Fix: change the “Add-to-Cart behaviour” mini-cart select to a toggle button. #8558
  • Fix: enable global styles for the Product Result Count block. #8517
  • Fix: increase the “Customer account” size icon. #8594
  • Improve Mini Cart drawer close button alignment and make it inherit the text color #8605
  • Made the cart and checkout view switcher compatible with List View in the editor. #8429
  • Preload Mini Cart inner blocks frontend scripts to improve performance #8653
  • Products block: improved UX and UI for the Product Attributes advanced filter. #8583
  • Products: Improve spacing consistency of product elements in patterns. #8401
  • Reduce the number of scripts needed to render a page containing the Mini Cart block #8657 #8703

Bug Fixes

  • Fix ‘Edit Mini Cart template part’ link in WP 6.2 #8574
  • Fix Mini Cart block having some translations missing in the editor. #8591
  • Fix Mini Cart block inserter preview not showing the cart amount. #8516
  • Fix: remove unnecessary class from the Mini-cart badge. #8557
  • Fixed a bug where quickly clicking through shipping methods would cause UI to update multiple times after the final selection is made. #8498
  • Products block: Fix attributes filters that do not update the editor preview correctly #8611
  • Revert “Show Cart and Checkout blocks in Style Book” #8602

Technical debt

  • Change the required minimum version from 6.1.1 to 6.1.0. #8649
  • Only call wp.apiFetch.createPreloadingMiddleware() when necessary. #8647

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