WooCommerce Blocks 10.2.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 10.2.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

Products block improvements

We have now added the Pick Some Products advance filter to the Products block. This filter allows the merchant to narrow down the exact products to which all subsequent filters will be applied, mirroring the functionality of the existing “Hand-picked Products” plus all the other functionalities available from the “Products (Beta)” block. Here is a quick demo:

We also added consistent spacing between product elements within the Products block to provide an improved default user interface.

New patterns

We prepared multiple patterns that are available in this release. Here’s a preview of a couple of them:

Hero product 3 split
Featured Category Cover Image
Featured Category Triple

But there’s more! The full list can be found in the Changelog below.

Mini Cart improvements

We applied various improvements to the Mini Cart block. The key improvements are:

  • Performance improvement: the Mini Cart drawer will now open instantly. Previously, there may have been a slight delay if the shopper clicked the button immediately after the page loaded and the network was slow.
  • Fix the Mini Cart Contents block display issue with wide widths in the editor. (This feature is available only with the WooCommerce Blocks plugin enabled.)



  • Products (Beta): Add a filter to allow merchants to hand-pick a subset of products. (7925)
  • Products block: Using nested selectors to add consistent spacing between Product elements. (8993)
  • Make the Mini Cart footer border follow the current text color. (9245)
  • Related Products: Make Product Title a link by default. (9179)
  • Add Shop by Price pattern. (9373)
  • Add Featured Category pattern. (9322)
  • Add Product Collections: Newest Arrivals pattern. (9240)
  • Add WooCommerce Hero Product – Split pattern. (9191)
  • Add Product Hero pattern. (9181)
  • Add Hero product 3 split pattern. (9319)
  • Add Featured Category Cover Image pattern. (9284)
  • Add Featured Category Triple pattern. (9269)
  • Add Product Collections: Featured Collection pattern. (9246)
  • Add Footer with 3 menus pattern. (9175)
  • Add Header Centered Search pattern. (9081)
  • Add WooCommerce Featured Products 5-item grid pattern. (9006)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a regression which caused the Mini Cart drawer not to open until its contents have completely loaded. (9329)
  • Fix Mini Cart block not respecting Add-to-Cart behaviour attribute when adding the first product. (9257)
  • Make it so wide widths are correctly applied to the Mini Cart Contents block in the editor. (9201)
  • Prevent email being cleared when changing shipping method or when first entering shipping informaiton. (9328)
  • Fix shipping notices when cart contains multiple packages. (9285)
  • Fix bug in which optional postcodes were still validated. (9377)
  • Product Image Gallery: Fix resize width when the window resizes. (9299)
  • Product Image Gallery: Fix the inline displayed issue. (9297)
  • Single Product Template – Related Products: Fix items per page option. (9286)
  • Prevent Product Price global styles leaking into the Mini Cart, Cart and Checkout blocks. (9276)
  • Fix consistency between editor and frontend button styling. (9260)
  • Performance: Removed lodash dependency on the frontend. (9161)


  • Update the icon and description for the Product Meta block. (9243)
  • Update the icon and description for the Product Details block. (9241)
  • Rename Add To Cart Form to Add To Cart Options. (9238)

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