WooCommerce Blocks 10.4.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 10.4.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

Enable Single Product block

We are introducing the Single Product block, which will allow you to select and display any product on a page, post, or template.

Enable blockified templates

The blockified version of the Single Product template is now the default template on new plugin installations and for stores enabling a block theme (replacing the old classic template).



  • Enable Single Product Block. (9714)
  • Product Price: Remove underline on sale price. (9702)
  • Blockified Single Product Template: Use h1 for the Product Title. (9698)
  • Blockified Single Product Template: Add product-classes. (9697)
  • Blockified Single Product Template: Show upsells. (9636)
  • Template Placeholder Design for the Order Received Template. (9602)
  • Mini-Cart: Update cart error notices to be non-dismissable (to match the behavior of the regular Cart). (9578)
  • Classic Product Template block visible in the inserter. (9573)
  • Hide the Product Rating when the product has no reviews. Previously, a link to the Reviews section was displayed. (9556)
  • Reduced the amount of settings data consumed by the cart and checkout blocks. (9552)
  • Enable blockified templates. (9551)
  • Product Categories List: Add “Show child categories only” toggle. (9550)
  • Add Product Rating block to the default Single Product template. (9510)
  • Add support for the Product Rating block within the Single Product template. (9499)
  • The Mini-Cart block is now compatible with caching plugins. (9493)
  • On-Sale Badge: Use background and text color of the button element if not defined in theme.json. (9068)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix aria-label displaying wrong information on mini-cart. (9672)
  • Allow plugin based template parts in templates. (9667)
  • Prevent horizontal shift when opening the Mini-Cart drawer if scrollbars are visible. (9648)
  • Fix text alignment issue on various widths for Just arrived full hero pattern. (9640)
  • Product Image Gallery Block: Reintroduce filters and override-restore the global product variable. (9630)
  • Remove propTypes definitions from Product List container. (9616)
  • Remove propTypes definitions from Add to Cart. (9615)
  • Revalidate the postcode when changing country in the Checkout form. (9611)
  • Fix an issue where changing country could cause shipping rates to constantly reload. (9606)
  • Fix non visible cart button on mini cart in certain themes. (9603)
  • Fix Mini-Cart badge not visible in themes without a <body> background color. (9601)
  • Fix Cambodian postcode validation. (9597)
  • Product Image Gallery block: Fix magnifying glass appearing outside the block content area. (9594)
  • Exclude already-enqueued scripts from scripts to lazy load in the Mini Cart block. (9587)
  • Fix: Ensure the global product variable is restored to its original value after being overridden within the Add to Cart with Options block. (9581)
  • Fix alignment of the close button in the Mini-Cart drawer when it has borders. (9507)
  • Add to Cart with Options Block: Remove global variable overwrite. (9457)
  • Fix total shipping display info when no shipping method is available. (8819)
  • Blockified Single Product Template: use h1 for the Product Title when transforming from Classic template. (9748)

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