WooCommerce Blocks 10.7.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 10.7.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

Per Block Stylesheets

On this release, WooCommerce Blocks stopped using one single stylesheet for the styles of all blocks. Instead, each block will enqueue its own stylesheet when the block is rendered. This will bring performance improvements to all stores.

You can read more about this improvement in the Developer Advisory post: WooCommerce Blocks 10.7: Update to Utilize Block-specific Stylesheets.

Improvements to Patterns

We have also made improvements to the mobile view of the Discount banner with image and Banner patterns:



  • Updated Essential Header patterns to have no opinionated font sizes. (10219)
  • Modernize the block registration for the Mini Cart block. (10168)
  • Improve Banner pattern for mobile devices. (10107)
  • Bring back user to 1st page when filters are changed. (9952)
  • Only load styles required by the blocks rendered on the page. (9831)
  • Enable WooCommerce custom template part support for classic themes that support block template parts. (9780)

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent Mini-Cart template part preview in Site Editor being too high. (10204)
  • Fix some styling issues in the editor placeholder of some blocks. (10192)
  • Mini-Cart: Fix the empty cart drawer button styling. (10169)
  • Single Product Template > Ensure extensions can’t trigger fatal errors on customized single product templates without any post content blocks. (10128)
  • Fix image overlapping in mobile in the Editor for the Discount banner with image. (10108)
  • Fix: Return null or object for ImageAttachmentSchema response. (9962)

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