Store Editing Snaps: July 03 – 14

Hello and welcome to another round of Snaps from the WooCommerce Store Editing team! 🎇

Every couple of weeks, we give an update on all the work being done on WooCommerce Blocks from behind the scenes.

Let’s take a look at some highlights of what we’ve done since our last update.

Note that the linked #numbers that accompany each item below point to the relevant issues and pull requests on the GitHub repository.

What We’re Working On 🚧

We’ve worked on a number of things in the last two weeks but here are some specific items we want to highlight.

Product Collection Block (#9264)

This project aims to create a Product Collection block that mirrors the functionality of the Products (Beta) block. The key difference with this block is that it will be built as a standalone/forked block, and not as a variation of the Query Loop block. This will offer us greater flexibility for customization and a better overall user experience for our merchants. 

The work here will build the foundation to cover the current Products block functionalities, make improvements to the Inspector Controls, and implement a set of basic patterns for a new block.

Add “grid” and “list” view switch for Product Collection (#10145)

Product Collection has now option to display products either in grid or list layout. That makes it compatible with Products (Beta) block and allows for easy migration from one block to another.

Automatic migration path from Products to Product Collection (#10115, #10139 and #10144)

Speaking of migration, we’re working on providing seamless migration process from Products to Product Collection blocks. We’d like the process to require the least effort from the users, hence putting a lot of effort to make it automatic. This is still work in progress and requires polishing, but you can get a glance of the solution.

Product Collection block – automated tests (#9783 and #10176)

We provide number of automated tests for Product Collection. The list of the scenarios and their status can be found in the linked issues, where we track the implementation.

Product Button and Interactivity API

The goal for this project is to integrate the Interactivity API to the Product Button block.

Interactivity API and Product Button (#10006)

This PR adds the Interactivity API to the Product Button to improve the UX that the user has when add a product in the cart from the Product Grid. Check the videos to see the differences:



Interactivity API and Product Button: Add E2E tests (#10036)

This PR introduces the E2E tests to ensure that the Product Button works correctly with the Interactivity API.

WooCommerce Blocks Releases ✨

  • 10.6.0  – Many of the changes noted in this post are included in the 10.5.0 release of the WooCommerce Blocks feature plugin from July 7th. You can find the full details in the release notes.

Thanks for following along with us – until next time! 👋

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