WooCommerce Blocks 10.8.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 10.8.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

New patterns

There are two new patterns available to use: Featured Products: Fresh & Tasty pattern and Social: Follow us in social media.

Featured Products: Fresh & Tasty pattern
Follow us in social media pattern

Also, the existing patterns have been improved, removing some pre-configurated styles.

Mini Cart Customization

On WordPress 6.3 or with the latest version of Gutenberg, it is possible to customize the Mini Cart block’s Price, Icon, and Counter color.

This release includes important bug fixes for several blocks, enhancing the overall user experience.



  • Update the Featured Products 5-Item Grid pattern to become wireframed. (10401)
  • Add selection button to featured items block when id not found. (10387)
  • Unify ‘Powered by’ and ‘Built with’ texts in all patterns. (10380)
  • Product Details Product Listing: Remove the styles on product title and button. (10362)
  • Update the Featured Category Triple pattern to become wireframed. (10343)
  • Update the Large Footer and Large Footer Dark patterns to become wireframed. (10323)
  • Update the Footer with Simple Menu and Cart pattern to have no opinionated styles. (10306)
  • Relocate sale badge to be consistent for products. (10297)
  • Update the Footer with 3 menus pattern to have no opinionated styles. (10294)
  • Updated Product Hero pattern to have no opinionated styles. (10292)
  • Remove border controls from Filter by Attribute block. (10277)
  • Updated “Testimonial Single” pattern to have no opinionated styles. (10275)
  • Remove opinionated styles from the Hero Product Split pattern. (10270)
  • Updated Product Hero pattern to have no opinionated styles. (10260)
  • Updated Testimonial 3 columns pattern to have no opinionated styles. (10258)
  • Updated Product Collections Newest Arrivals patterns to have no opinionated styles. (10256)
  • Made checkout event hooks reflect the current state of the cart. (10254)
  • Remove Featured Category Cover Image pattern in favor of the Feature Category block. (10252)
  • Small adjustments to the title, description and icon of the Express Checkout block. (10237)
  • Remove opinionated styles from the Minimal Header pattern. (10227)
  • Remove opinionated styles from the Centered Header Menu with Search pattern. (10226)
  • Register a Mini-Cart template part area, so in WP 6.3, the Mini-Cart template part is listed separately from the other template parts. (10203)
  • Added a new ColorPanel component and implemented in the Mini-Cart block for custom color controls. (10062)
  • Start using the “Single Product” block for the “Product Details Product Listing” pattern. (9978)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Classic Template block not rendering in Single Product custom templates. (10342)
  • Products: Improve performance by preventing running the Product Query logic twice in Editor. (10340)
  • Fix some styling issues in the product or category selector of some blocks. (10308)
  • Fix: Incorrect default number of products in editor when inheriting query. (10303)
  • Fix PHP warnings when doing a search with product collection block. (10300)
  • Fix styles for the Add to Cart Form block when used together with the Single Product block. (10282)
  • Fix: Add missing page titles to the Cart and the Checkout templates. (10281)
  • Fix deprecated warning for featured category and product block. (10246)
  • Fix indent issue for the search list control in certain themes. (10245)
  • Fixed classic template appearance in the editor with some of the default themes. (10240)
  • Newest Products: Fix the stock status filter that would crash the block when opened. (10201)
  • Fix an issue where the radio buttons for shipping methods were incorrectly aligned on the Cart block in the post and site editor. (10150)


  • Introduce the new Social: Follow us in social media pattern. (10368)
  • Add the new Featured Products: Fresh & Tasty pattern. (10339)
  • Add an endpoint for processing pay-for-order orders. (10287)
  • Add an endpoint for getting pay for order orders. (10199)

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  1. I can not watch the video of Mini Cart Customization.

    1. Same here. Video is private

      1. Manish Menaria Avatar
        Manish Menaria

        Hi @shoheitanaka @Drivingralle,

        Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The issue has been resolved. You should now be able to watch it. Thanks again 🙏🏻

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