WooCommerce Blocks 10.9.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 10.9.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

Interactivity API Integration with Product Button

We have integrated the Product Button with the Interactivity API, enhancing the shopping experience. These are the highlights:

  • Real-time Counter Update:
    Quantity changes in the mini-cart are immediately reflected on the Product Button.
  • Smoother Counter Animations:
    The counter in the Product Button updates with smoother animations.
  • Streamlined Visual Feedback:
    The Product Button smoothly transitions from ‘Add to Cart’ to ‘Loading’ status to show the quantity in the cart when a product is added, providing clear visual feedback.

Known Issue: When the Products (Beta) block is loaded with the Classic Placeholder block, the Product Button doesn’t work as expected in the Classic Template block. Specifically, clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button in the Classic Template Block results in a complete page refresh. This is not the expected behavior. We encourage users experiencing this issue to consider migrating from the Classic Placeholder block to the Products block. This block is designed to work smoothly with the Interactivity API and to ensure the Product Button functions correctly.

Performance Enhancements for Checkout

We spent some time tidying up the Store API performance, this resulted in a 100ms faster server response, or 25%-30% faster Cart/Checkout requests.

We also changed how shipping selection works, and it is now visibly faster by 1000ms and feels immediate.

We still have a lot of performance improvements planned and will share them as we release them.



  • Add the wc-blocks-footer-pattern class identifier to all footer patterns. (#10542)
  • Add the wc-blocks-header-pattern class identifier to all header patterns. (#10541)
  • Featured Products: Fresh & Tasty pattern: Enhance mobile view and optimize images. (#10521)
  • Add placeholder images and update text styles for the Alternating Image and Text pattern. (#10479)
  • Performance: Selecting shipping rates during checkout, and API calls in general, are now faster. Shipping selection improved by at least 1 second. (#10472)
  • Prevent a conflict with 3rd party plugins caused by using the session class too early. (#10373)
  • Product Collection: Use Interactivity API for pagination. (#10361)
  • Products: Fix the before/after shop item hooks. (#10332)
  • Checkout: Prevent postcode validation error notice appearing after pushing changes for other fields. (#10315)
  • Product Button block: Integrate Interactivity API to make the block dynamically. (#10006)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wcSettings inconsistent property naming style by converting all properties to camelCase. (#10439)
  • Fix Express Payments buttons display in the Cart block. (#10534)
  • Fixed a bug which caused theme border colors to not correctly show on the blocks on the editor side. (#10468)
  • Fix: Compatibility layer issue when the Products (Beta) block is the top level block. (#10455)
  • Products (Beta): Hooks are no longer fired around the empty content. (#10453)
  • Fix an issue where inner Cart blocks were incorrectly nested. (#10447)

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