WooCommerce Blocks 11.0.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 11.0.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

New Product Collection block

Product Collection is the newest addition to our block library.

Like the Products block, you can choose what criteria affect the list of blocks displayed to shoppers and control the product layout in the list/grid by the various element blocks.

Unlike the Products block, which is a Query loop block variation, this block is a standalone block, enabling us to tailor the block further to better meet the merchant’s needs.

Existing templates with Product blocks will remain unchanged as we haven’t replaced them with Product Collection blocks yet.

It’s labeled beta because we’re still polishing it. And we look forward to any feedback you have on this block.



  • Enable Product Collection block. (#10524)
  • Add Product Collection Grid pattern. (#10660)
  • Enable manual migration of Products to Product Collection. (#10655)
  • Footer Patterns > Ensure the “My Account” text has the same font size as the other texts nearby. (#10614)
  • Updated the image format and content width for the Testimonials Single Pattern. (#10600)
  • Product Gallery block: Add Pager block. (#10320)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix UI misalignment of Filter by Price in TT1 theme. (#10732)
  • Refactor block variation registration in product-collection. (#10701)
  • Make View Cart link displayed below the Add to Cart button. (#10675)
  • Store Breadcrumbs block: Fix the icon color when the block is selected in List View. (#10652)
  • Fix the “On sale” badge class. (#10634)
  • Ensure the event dispatched when rendering the empty cart block is done only when it actually renders. (#10619)

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