WooCommerce Blocks 11.2.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 11.2.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

Blockified Order Confirmation

Merchants using a block-based theme will now see a new editable template in the site editor called “Order Confirmation”. This template will allow them to customize the order confirmation page that is displayed after checkout.

Product Collection: Patterns

Merchants that uses the Product Collection block can see a new feature to use pre-defined patterns using the pattern chooser.


New Store API Order endpoints

Store API now has 2 new endpoints, one for fetching existing unpaid orders, and one to place/buy for those unpaid orders.

Previously, it was not possible to resume an existing order with Store API unless you hacked your way through the session data, now you can do that safely:

Fetch an existing order

Using the new endpoint GET /wc/store/v1/order/{ORDER_NUMBER}/?key={ORDER_KEY}&billing_email={BILLING_EMAIL} which will return a similar schema to what you get when calling GET /checkout endpoint.

This only works for unpaid orders, and you will get an error if the email is invalid, the key is invalid, or the order is unpaid.

Logged-in users can only fetch their own orders, guest customers can fetch guest orders. Both require the order number, key, and billing email.

Store API continues to be an unauthenticated API, limited to the current user only.

More about it in this PR.

Pay for an existing order

Alongside the first endpoint, we also expanded the wc/store/v1/checkout endpoint to support paying for existing orders, by calling POST /wc/store/v1/checkout/{ORDER_NUMBER}/?key={ORDER_KEY}&billing_email={BILLING_EMAIL} you can place an existing order.

The body shape for this endpoint is the same for POST /wc/store/v1/checkout but will resume an order instead of creating a new one.

More info in this PR.



  • Remove order and checkout order endpoints experimental flag. (11022)
  • Ensure the content of the patterns is also AI-generated. (10997)
  • Product Collection: Transfer layout options from Toolbar to Inspector controls. (10922)
  • Add pattern chooser in Product Collection. (10876)
  • Product Gallery: Lock the Sale Badge and the Next/Prev Buttons. (10869)
  • Refactor Cart and Checkout Page Templates. (10773)
  • Blockified Order Confirmation. (10056)

Bug Fixes

  • Product Gallery: Fix the Product Gallery Thumbnails on click. (11032)
  • WooExpress: Fix Checkout and Cart Blocks Editor Crash. (11024)
  • Product Gallery: Fix zoom animation on large Image. (11023)
  • Fix: Password Protection not respected on single product template. (10999)
  • Product Gallery Pager: Remove the Pager markup if there’s only one image. (10998)
  • Related Products: Hide the block outside of Single Product Template and Single Product block. (10978)
  • Single Product: Fix the Align setting. (10977)
  • Hide unexpected bullet point in Product Collection on Storefront. (10945)
  • Add custom regex for validating Nicaraguan postal codes. (10928)
  • Update postcode-validator to 3.8.15 to validate “new” Taiwanese postcodes. (10924)
  • BlockTemplatesController: Check that $attributes[‘theme’] value isset before operating on it. (10879)
  • Product Gallery: CSS styling tightening up. (10867)
  • Checkout Block: Prevent changes in the selected shipping method when new rates are added or removed. (10457)

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