WooCommerce Blocks 11.5.0 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 11.5.0, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

This version introduces fixes and improves across product block patterns and template parts. The full changelog can be found below, but some notable improvements are as follows.

Components available via blocksComponents

The SortSelect, Textarea, and Title components have been moved to the wc.blocksComponents package. This initiative allows developers to avoid duplicating efforts and directly access necessary components for their projects. More details can be found in the respective pull requests:

Cart and Checkout Template Enhancements

  • Semantic Checkout Header: The checkout header now uses the <header> element to improve semantic understanding and accessibility, aligning with standard HTML practices. (11222)
  • Interactive Cart Feedback: The “Remove Item” link in the Cart block now has a hover state, providing immediate visual feedback for interaction. (11526)



  • Add margin bottom to the Hero Product 3 Split pattern. (11573)
  • Set explicit margins in the search bar group on the Large Header pattern. (11571)
  • Add aspect ratio to the Featured Products 5 Columns pattern. (11570)
  • Fix Product Collection 4 Columns pattern button height. (11553)
  • Change the “chessboard” pattern structure to improve mobile view. (11545)
  • Footer with 3 menus pattern: Update the spacing in the columns to improve the mobile view. (11544)
  • Add checkout-header template to the correct area in site editor. (11528)
  • Product gallery/add crop images. (11482)
  • Remove authors filter from Product Collection block. (11427)
  • Move SortSelect to components package. (11411)
  • Move Textarea to components package. (11384)
  • Move Title to components package. (11383)
  • Use the element for the checkout header. (11222)
  • Product Gallery Thumbnails: Add View all overlay. (11087)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Hero Product 3 Split pattern text content. (11612)
  • Prevent theme button border appearing in opinionated patterns. (11564)
  • Prevent Sale badge overflowing the Product Image in some product grid blocks. (11556)
  • Block Checkout: Add back missing render-checkout-form hook. (11554)
  • Ensure that the “Remove Item” link on Cart block has a hover state. (11526)
  • All Products: Add cursor pointer when hovering over pagination items. (11502)
  • Product Collection: Fix the PHP Warning after migrating from Products (Beta). (11494)
  • Footer with 2 Menus Dark pattern: Fix the Site Title color contrast in TT4. (11484)
  • Essential Header Dark pattern: Fix color contrast issues in TT4. (11480)
  • Display shipping calculator link for guests shopper. (11442)
  • Comboboxes should match against values before looking at labels. (11410)
  • Fix products incorrectly marked as discounted. (11386)
  • Ensure input is validated when autofilled in Firefox. (11062)
  • Remove bullet points and unnecessary padding from SearchListControl. (11444)

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