WooCommerce 8.3.1 Released

WooCommerce 8.3.1 is now available for download.

What’s new?

  • Fixed an issue where coupon usage restrictions may not have been respected for guest orders when HPOS is enabled. #41538
  • Update WooCommerce Blocks to 11.4.9, which fixes an issue where email address was not considered while evaluating coupon restrictions when using checkout blocks. #41610

You can download the latest release of WooCommerce here or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

As usual, if you spot issues in WooCommerce core, please log them in detail on GitHub. Found a security issue? Please submit a report via HackerOne.

3 responses to “WooCommerce 8.3.1 Released”

  1. Hello,

    There is no official update available to download(8.3.1) it in wordpress plugin repository? Any specific reason?

    1. It was still available, but the stable tag was inadvertently modified (so it seemed like it was unavailable for a few days). Fixed now, thanks for reporting!

  2. admina695bd149d Avatar


    Im getting a HTTP 500 ERROR immediately when I turn on the woo plug-in, once I refresh my page it goes into a critical failure.

    I have uninstalled all my plugins and only activated woo and immediately it goes into critical failure. Does the same if I turn my plugins back on 1 by 1 until I hit WooCommerce then critical failure.

    I tried it with different themes and it makes no difference.

    My site works fine with all my plugins activated as long as i don’t activate WooCommerce.

    I have noticed that the plugin page still shows that woo was updated 1 week ago but it updated earlier to 8.3.1. Not sure if that makes any difference.

    Im stuck and Im running out of ideas on how to fix this. I even did a fresh wordpress install thinking it might be wordpress but everytime I turn WooCommerce on it gives a critical failure. Im about to give up on wordpress and WooCommerce and go back to Shopify. My whole shop is gone again and im losing alot of sales now and it’s peak Christmas trading.

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