WooCommerce Blocks 11.6.0 & 11.6.1 Release Notes

The latest version of WooCommerce Blocks, version 11.6.1, is now available for download on WordPress.org and GitHub.

Notable Changes

Product Collection: Add support for filtering products by featured status

These changes allow merchants to easily display only featured products in their product collections, enhancing flexibility.



  • Product Collection: Add support for filtering products by featured status. #11522
  • Product Collection – New ‘No Results’ block with default UI. #11783
  • We have moved the TotalsItem, TotalsFees, Subtotal, Banner, StoreNotice, StoreNotices, Panel, TextInput, ValidatedTextInput and ValidationInputError components to the @woocommerce/blocks-components package. Previously these were available in @woocommerce/blocks-checkout . Your code will continue to work as we have added aliases to the new location. Despite this, it is recommended that you change your code to import this component from @woocommerce/blocks-components as the import from the checkout package will be deprecated in the future. #11766 #11698 #11654 #11773
  • Improve performance in patterns registration. #11733
  • Patterns: remove unused author, sticky, and parents attributes from the Product Collection block in patterns. #11673
  • Semantic enhancement to the position of a phone field in Checkout. #11651
  • Migrate the Product Button to the new store() API of the Interactivity API. #11558

Bug Fixes


  • Add missing woocommerce classname to Classic Cart/Checkout Blocks container so UI updates when the cart is emptied. #11919
  • Fix an issue that caused the Order by select in Reviews blocks to always be disabled. #11918
  • Fix All Reviews, Reviews by Product and Reviews by Category blocks not being rendered. #11913


  • Make “Use same address for billing” visible by default. #11804
  • Fix the order endpoint tax line items format. #11796
  • Store API/Blocks Extensibility: Fix recursive extension schema validation. #11792
  • Fix: Left align local pickup address. #11772
  • Fix typo in classic checkout modal. #11771
  • Fix hardcoded shop link in “Hero Product 3 Split” pattern. #11767
  • Fix billing address condensed address state in the editor and in Firefox. #11765
  • Related Products: Make the heading translated when in blockified Single Product template. #11693
  • Add to Cart with Options block: fix inconsistency between editor and frontend styles. #11614
  • Product Button: Improve the width and padding. #11537
  • Fix the Layout for Shipping and Billing Address Forms in the Checkout Block #11486
  • Minor fixes for PHP 8. #11473
  • Product Button: always enqueue the store. #11858
  • Fixed params passed to woocommerce_before_thankyou for block checkout. This should be an order ID, not an order object. #11862
  • Enhanced validation for limited-use coupons and guest users. #11860


  • Updated documentation for the onProcessingSetup observer. #11751

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