WooCommerce Blocks Extensibility Snaps – November 2023

Hello and welcome to the November edition of WooCommerce Blocks Extensibility Snaps! This post is a monthly update to highlight things we’ve been working on and keep you up to date with our plans for the coming month.


More WooCommerce Components are available to developers!

We shared our plans to make some components available to developers through a new package @woocommerce/blocks-components. Since the last post we’ve been continuing with that work and now all components we planned to move have been (besides Combobox and FormTokenField).

Unfortunately, one component didn’t make it in time for 11.6.0: CheckboxControl. This will be included in the components package in 11.7.0

The full list of components available in WooCommerce Blocks 11.6.0 is:

  • Button
  • CheckboxList
  • Chip
  • FormStep
  • FormattedMonetaryAmount
  • Label
  • Panel
  • RadioControl
  • RadioControlAccordion
  • RadioControlOption
  • RadioControlOptionLayout
  • RemovableChip
  • SortSelect
  • Spinner
  • StoreNotice
  • StoreNoticesContainer
  • Subtotal
  • TextInput
  • Textarea
  • Title
  • TotalsFees
  • TotalsItem
  • TotalsTaxes
  • TotalsWrapper
  • ValidatedTextInput
  • ValidationInputError

To use these, we recommend using the @woocommerce/dependency-extraction-webpack-plugin.


Last time we were working hard on making examples of our components available on our storybook. We’ve still got a little housekeeping to do to move these components to the right part of our storybook, but there is an example for each exported component on there! Please check these examples out if you need help using the components.

Adding custom checkout fields to the WooCommerce Checkout Block

Last time we shared a discussion about empowering developers to add custom fields to the WooCommerce Checkout block.

We’re still working hard on defining the criteria for this – we have had a fantastic amount of engagement from our community on the linked discussion. This engagement is helping to steer us in the direction that benefits our merchants and developers most! Thank you to everyone who has chimed in on this and we welcome any further discussion.

We have a preliminary set of GitHub issues ready to be worked on once we’ve nailed down exactly what we want to deliver, so we will be tackling them as soon as we can.

Per-item inputs/data on the Cart block

We decided to focus our efforts on the “Adding custom checkout fields to the WooCommerce Checkout Block” project, so no progress has been made on this, and it’s unlikely any will be made before the next update. For now this effort has been paused.


We have an open discussion that we’d like to get community feedback on: Deprecating and graduating experimental features.

We welcome you to leave any comments on the discussion. Your opinions are really valuable and will help shape the future of WooCommerce.

Next steps

Next month we plan to work solely on the custom checkout fields feature, as always we will post any updates or relevant information on the discussion for that effort.


If you have any feedback to share on the WooCommerce Blocks extensibility work we’re doing, we’d love to hear it! Please feel free to open a discussion on our GitHub discussions board or leave a message for us in the WooCommerce Community Slack

2 responses to “WooCommerce Blocks Extensibility Snaps – November 2023”

  1. as a merchant, I’d love to be able to add custom checkout fields directly in the checkout template, without having to write code or install a plugin.
    then for more complex checkout fields, I guess third party plugins will still be required, but simple tasks like reordering fields and adding a VAT field, merchants should be able to do it by themselves.
    This is what’s great of the block editor

    1. Hi there @atelierdellaluce thanks for sharing your thoughts! The in-editor experience is something we will look into once this “code approach” has been completed. Right now, we’re prioritising the code approach as the editor experience will most likely be built on top of it, and we want to ensure that we unlock a path for plugins that extend the checkout experience to continue to function.

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