WooCommerce 8.4.0 RC Released

Release Candidate for the December 12 release of WooCommerce is now available for testing! You can either download it directly from WordPress.org or install our WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin.


Since the release of 8.4.0 Beta, the following changes have been made:

  • WooCommerce Blocks has been updated to 11.6.2. #41869
  • Fixed some issues in the new Shipping Settings feature. #41834 #41833
  • Fixed an issue that breaks the shipping input fields in the new product editor for stores in Europe or other areas where the thousandSeparator is blank. #41792

For the complete list, view the changelog in the readme for this release.

Release Schedule

We’re on track for our planned December 12 release.

Final ReleaseDecember 12, 2023


If you’d like to dive in and help test this new release, our handy WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin allows you to switch between beta versions and release candidates. You can also download the release from WordPress.org.

We’ve posted a helpful writeup on beta testing to help get you started.

If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let us know by logging a report in GitHub.

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  1. Dave Loodts Avatar
    Dave Loodts

    It would be such a time-saver if the github links in the changelog are clickable. Or paste the changelog in this blogpost, then the mentioned url’s will be detected by wordpress.

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