What does the Legacy REST API mean for you?

Last month we posted about the removal the Legacy REST API starting with WooCommerce version 9.0, as well as the release of the Legacy REST API extension, now available on GitHub.

We had a number of questions come in regarding how these changes might affect developers and extensions, so we would like to work through any outstanding questions or issues in real time for our January office hours.

While Legacy API is the focus of this office hours, we are here to help answer other questions you may have as well. So make sure you don’t miss the opportunity for valuable time with our core development engineers!

This Month’s Office Hours

As a reminder you will be affected by this change if:

  1. You have the Legacy REST API enabled in your WooCommerce install.
  2. You have legacy webhooks in your WooCommerce install.

Check out our original post for more details on these settings.

This month’s office hours is for you if you have questions or feedback about this experience.

We will hold office hours on the third Wednesday of the month, on January 17 from 15:00UTC until 16:00UTC in the #developers channel on the WooCommerce Community Slack

As always, let us know what topics you’d like us to bring to the office hours by dropping a comment or reaching out to us in Slack.

See you soon!

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