WooCommerce’s Web API: We want to hear from you!

We’re looking to gather feedback from folks using the WooCommerce Web API to build tools, extensions, and more! 

As you may know, WooCommerce ships with several server-side web APIs, collectively called the “Web API”. It includes the REST API, Store API, webhooks, and AJAX endpoints.

If you build things that use the Web API, we’d love to hear your feedback. Specifically, we’d love to hear what, if anything, is currently missing and what could be improved. We’ll use this data to inform our product roadmap and to design future projects. There are three quick and easy ways to help us:

Thanks in advance for your feedback! We appreciate your perspectives, and your insights are invaluable to us when shaping the roadmap.

5 responses to “WooCommerce’s Web API: We want to hear from you!”

  1. Hi, I´m using the .NET nuget package to connect with woocommerce. It works very fine, but i have one problem by sending metadata to woocommerce based on the products. In woocommerce there is used a plugin for group prices or bulk prices. To store the correct value i have to send the data in a specific format:

    At the moment i have no idea how to get this format. I tried an array inside the array but then its like that:

    If i try a dictionary or a class i get an error from the API by serialization.

    Maybe you can tell me how to get this specific value in .NET? The plugin in woocommerce is from MarketPress.

    Thanks and best regards!
    Patrick Hager

    1. Corey McKrill Avatar
      Corey McKrill

      Hey Patrick! That format is called serialization. Not sure how to do that in .NET. In the interest of keeping this post’s comments focused on Web API feedback, I would recommend taking your question to the Community Slack or perhaps the MarketPress folks.

  2. I have tried to make telegram bot which can make products on site. For me, big pain was to handle images and set them as featured image and galleries. But it’s more WP problem then Woo

  3. Hey,

    I asked already in one ticket (https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/issues/41371)
    to add date filtering for the customers endpoint, which is present in the other endpoints like orders and products.

    Its a bit weird that this is missing for customers. I hope you can add it 🙂

    1. pia8c Avatar

      Hey Dimi, thanks for your feedback! I know the folks working on the REST API improvements are collecting all of this feedback and will come back with a plan based on the input they’ve been gathering from the community.

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