WooCommerce 8.6: Updated Fix Release Details

Following our earlier advisory, we’re providing an update on the upcoming fixes for WooCommerce 8.6, specifically concerning the Checkout and Product pages, and integration with Woo Subscriptions.

New Issue Identified:

An issue has been identified for stores using extensions that apply woocommerce_admin_shipping_fields and woocommerce_admin_billing_fields filters independently. Affected stores will encounter a fatal error when accessing the admin order screen.

Progress on this issue can be tracked through the following Pull Request: Add default values for admin address filters.

Who Is Affected?

Currently, the AliExpress Dropshipping with AliNext Lite extension is known to use these filters. Stores utilizing this extension are likely impacted.

Recommended Action

If you’re experiencing related issues, we recommend temporarily deactivating the extension until a fix is deployed.

Upcoming Fix:

We plan to release WooCommerce 8.6.1 on Tuesday, February 20th, to address this along with three other known issues. This schedule avoids a weekend release to ensure ample time for testing and deployment.


Thank you to our community member katyca for reporting the issue.

One response to “WooCommerce 8.6: Updated Fix Release Details”

  1. This sound like a joke, thousands of shops doesn’t work and you planning to roll out update 4 DAYS AFTER BIG BUG UPDATE?
    That supposed to be fixed in minutes…..

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