WooCommerce Blocks is being archived on GitHub and WordPress.org

In December 2023, we announced that we were merging WooCommerce Blocks into the WooCommerce monorepo. As this merge is now complete, we’re now taking some final steps to complete the migration.

What is happening to WooCommerce Blocks?

Tomorrow, we’ll be taking the following actions:

We’re making these changes to improve the experience of WooCommerce users and developers and to reduce confusion. WooCommerce Blocks now comes included with WooCommerce, so the standalone plugin is no longer needed nor supported. Please note that these changes do not remove any Blocks functionality from WooCommerce Core.

Does this change affect me?

I am a shop manager or merchant who uses the WooCommerce plugin.

No, this change does not affect you. The features that were previously provided by the WooCommerce Blocks plugin are now available within the WooCommerce plugin as of December 2023.

I’m a developer who is building on WooCommerce.

Maybe! If you were previously making use of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin’s functionality in your development workflow and are developing for the latest version of WooCommerce, you can safely uninstall WooCommerce Blocks. The functionality it provided is now available directly in the WooCommerce plugin.

Developer documentation that was previously contained within the WooCommerce Blocks repo is now available in the WooCommerce monorepo. In the coming weeks, we’ll also be making it available on our new WooCommerce Developer Docs site.

I am a user of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin.

As of December 2023, we stopped releasing new versions of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin. Blocks functionality is now provided directly within the WooCommerce plugin. If you’d like to try out functionality before it releases, you can do so by installing the WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin. Note that we do not recommend installing this plugin on live stores – it’s only intended for use on test sites.

I am a contributor to the WooCommerce Block plugin.

Thanks for contributing! We stopped accepting new contributions to the WooCommerce Blocks plugin in December 2023. If you’d like to continue contributing to Blocks features in WooCommerce, you’re welcome to do so in the WooCommerce monorepo.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to WooCommerce Blocks. We’re really excited to have Blocks functionality available in WooCommerce, and really appreciate everyone’s contributions.

If you have feedback on this change, we encourage you to share it on our GitHub Discussions. We’re working hard to improve our communication with developers, so if you have thoughts, we want to hear them!

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