Coming in WooCommerce 8.8: Customize Your Store — a new way to design WooCommerce stores

WooCommerce 8.8 is on the horizon, bringing a new way to create beautiful stores with no code. Say hello to Customize Your Store, a brand-new feature that will take the place of the “Personalize Your Store” onboarding step.

Customize Your Store will take advantage of the latest WordPress Site Editing tools, along with a cool new Pattern Assembler UI. Here’s what it will look like:

Customizing stores with a new built-in store designer

When you’re building a new store, you will now have the ability to use Customize Your Store to select your own fonts, colors, layouts, and more. To get started, navigate to WooCommerce > Home. There, you’ll find the “Start customizing” button and the “Customize your store” link, which is where you can start personalizing the look and feel of the site.

Screenshot of the Home section of the WooCommerce menu in Wp-admin.

On your first visit to Customize Your Store, you’ll see an intro screen where you can select an existing theme or create your design by clicking Start designing.

Note: This feature currently uses Twenty-twenty-four (TT4) as the underlying theme.

  • If your active theme is already Twenty-twenty-four, clicking “Start designing” will lead you directly to the new Pattern Assembler.
  • If you’re on a different theme, a prompt will guide you to switch to Twenty-twenty-four and then lead you to the Pattern Assembler.

The Pattern Assembler

Once you’re in, an onboarding tour will guide you through the customization process and lead you through its features:

Add, delete, or replace your site’s logo to ensure it resonates with your brand.

Choose your color palette

Play around with 18 predefined color pairings, or craft your own to customize your site with the palette of your choice.

Choose fonts

Explore each one of the 8 font pairings available. An important aspect of this feature is that it is powered by the new WordPress Font Library, which is expected to be shipped with WordPress 6.5.

Choose designs that represent your brand, and make your site stand out.

Developer Q&A

  • Q: Can I use the Customize Your Store feature with any WordPress theme?
  • A: In this initial version, Customize Your Store is compatible with the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. That said, we are still discussing the details of what extensibility should look like for this feature and how theme developers could interact with it.
  • Q: What happens to my existing customizations if I switch themes to TT4?
  • A: Switching themes may affect your current customizations. We advise backing up your site and testing the theme switch in a staging environment first. This way, you can address any adjustments needed without impacting your live site.
  • Q: How does the Pattern Assembler enhance my development workflow?
  • A: The Pattern Assembler allows for easy customization of key design elements like your logo, colors, and fonts, significantly reducing development time. It’s designed to give you more creative freedom while ensuring a consistent and responsive design across your site.
  • Q: Are there limitations to the customization options available?
  • A: The initial release focuses on core customization options such as logos, color palettes, fonts, headers, homepages, and footers. Future updates will expand these capabilities, introducing more pattern options and flexibility.
  • Q: Can I add custom CSS to my designs in Customize Your Store?
  • A: Yes, you have the ability to add custom CSS to your designs.

Coming up next

We are now focusing on elevating the Assembler’s capabilities to the next level, improving composability and performance. These improvements are designed to offer more customization and control, enriching the overall experience.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to share your experiences and feedback. Happy customizing! 

8 responses to “Coming in WooCommerce 8.8: Customize Your Store — a new way to design WooCommerce stores”

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  2. You are trying too hard to add too many features… Woo needs to be stabled and optimised before adding more and more features… It’s embarrasing to have a “default” theme for Woo and not be compatible on new features 🤦‍♂️

    1. Patricia Hillebrandt Avatar
      Patricia Hillebrandt

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback. Please be assured that we are actively working on both fronts. Our team is dedicated to enhancing WooCommerce with new functionalities that our users desire and reinforcing the platform’s stability and performance. We recognize the importance of having a solid and reliable foundation, which is why we have concurrent initiatives.

      It is also important to clarify that this is the initial version of the Customize Your Store, and extensibility is in our roadmap: themes are still exposed to end users.

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  4. GeorgD Avatar

    After starting the “Customize your store” process Woocommerce completely destroyed my custom theme layout. So far I was not able to find any solution to reverse the changes. How can this happen and how can I switch back to my previous theme?

    1. Brent MacKinnon Avatar
      Brent MacKinnon

      Hey GeorgD, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Customize Your Store currently uses Twenty-twenty-four (TT4) as the underlying theme. In the post above, you’ll notice:

      If your active theme is already Twenty-twenty-four, clicking “Start designing” will lead you directly to the new Pattern Assembler.
      If you’re on a different theme, a prompt will guide you to switch to Twenty-twenty-four and then lead you to the Pattern Assembler.

      This is likely what’s causing your customizations to be affected.

      I assume you’ve tried re-installing or re-activating your custom theme. Next, you could consider restoring from backup—hopefully, you have a backup of your website before you started customizing your store. Restoring from that backup is the quickest way to revert to the previous state.

      If you don’t have a backup, or you’re looking for more troubleshooting help, consider opening a ticket with our support team

  5. I already had several Woocommerce stores up and running and included customization for those. I don’t want to use another theme or make any other changes but this version of woocommerce won’t allow me to get past this prompt and just open the existing stores which have been working fine previously.

    Surely this is counter productive. Why force users to use another theme and make changes that are unwanted, un-needed and just plain stupid. This is the exact opposite of being useful.

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