Coming in WooCommerce 8.8: Making Product Onboarding and Product Tours Extensible

Exciting news for WooCommerce Developers: you can now include custom product types in the onboarding checklist. Also, the product creation tour guide can now be customized.

One of the features coming in WooCommerce 8.8 is the ability to extend the product type onboarding list and tour guide. This enhancement opens up a new method of customization for developers, making the Add Products task more adaptable and user-friendly.

Extending product onboarding and product tours

For the first time, WooCommerce will allow the addition of custom product types to the onboarding list via the experimental_woocommerce_tasklist_product_types JavaScript filter. This means you can now inject your own product types into the setup flow, complete with custom titles, descriptions, and even unique icons to represent them visually.

Additionally, by using the experimental_woocommerce_admin_product_tour_steps JavaScript filter, developers can alter the tour displayed to the user when creating a product via the onboarding list.

These features will be available in WooCommerce 8.8:

  • Allow extensions in Add Products task #44892
  • Proof of Concept for allowing product tour to be extensible #45617

Why It Matters

The update is significant for developers creating extensions that extend beyond standard offerings. It introduces a customizable onboarding process that allows developers to highlight their extension’s unique features right from the start, enhancing user engagement and retention.

Get Involved

We’re excited to see how you use this to create more dynamic and engaging onboarding and product creation experiences. Let us know what you’re working on, or join the discussion, RFC: Extending WooCommerce Product Onboarding and Tours #45854.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to enhance WooCommerce. Happy coding!

4 responses to “Coming in WooCommerce 8.8: Making Product Onboarding and Product Tours Extensible”

  1. I liked it the was it is right now. Wish there was an opt out option.

    1. brentmackinnon Avatar

      Thanks for the comment Sandy. Our goal with making the onboarding list and product tour extensible was to empower extension developers to help new users navigate the complexities of setting up products. Ideally, this will make it easier for merchants to set up new products if they have plugins that create unique product types. If you don’t use extensions that add new product types, you might not experience anything new. If this change does impact your experience negatively, please let us know more about what you’re experiencing, and it can help us find ways to improve these features for merchants and developers. Thanks again!

  2. Trung Nguyen Avatar
    Trung Nguyen

    I am new to WooCommerce, does it has option to enable product as “Serial tracking”
    (If enabled, each sale for this item will be put on a new invoice line and you will have the option to add a serial number during picking and packing)?

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