April Office Hours: Open Forum

Hello developers! We will be back with office hours this month on Wednesday, April 17 from 16:00 – 17:00 UTC.

We do not have a specific topic picked out, so it’s an open forum! We will have @alexflorisca , @gigitux, and @opr18 – three awesome engineers that focus on WooCommerce Blocks, so if you have blocks extensibility questions, this is a great opportunity to ask.

Don’t worry, please bring any and all of your questions, any code that you’re interested in showing off or improving upon, as well as any suggestions or enhancement discussions you’d like to bring up with our teams.

Developer Office Hours are held every third Wednesday of the month in the #developers channel in the WooCommerce Community Slack.

See you there!

3 responses to “April Office Hours: Open Forum”

  1. Experiencing a snag with the latest WooCommerce update on cellpartsworld.com. Some products aren’t appearing on the frontend, which could be due to a theme conflict or other issues. The site’s integrated with Atrex utility, syncing products from there. While all products show up in WooCommerce backend, they’re not visible on the frontend. Also, seeing a message about outdated WooCommerce templates. Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Brent MacKinnon Avatar
      Brent MacKinnon

      Thanks for reaching out with your issue. This sounds like it might require a bit more digging into the specifics of your setup. I recommend contacting our customer support team who can provide more tailored assistance.


      Alternatively, you could also pose this question in our community Slack channel where other users and experts might be able to offer their insights and solutions.


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