WooCommerce 9.0.2 – Dot release to fix shipping calculation issues

WooCommerce 9.0.2 has been released

We received reports about an issue in WooCommerce 9.0 with flat rate shipping separators. This update reverts the change that caused this issue.

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👉 WooCommerce 9.0.2

🗓️ Released June 24, 2024

What’s in this release

This release fixes an issue with decimal and thousand separators in flat rate shipping costs.

WooCommerce 9.0 and 9.0.1 broke backwards compatibility with some stores that used decimal and thousand separators when entering their flat rate shipping cost. Specifically, stores with shipping cost that used both thousand and decimal separators would calculate shipping rates incorrectly, as shared in our previous developer advisoryThis dot release – 9.0.2 – fixes this issue by restoring the previous behaviour.

As we’ve reverted the logic that introduced this issue, the workaround shared in our previous developer advisory isn’t applicable for this release.

This update means that all flat rate shipping costs that worked in WooCommerce 8.9 and earlier should continue to work as-is in this release.

Thousand separators are not supported in flat rate shipping costs and may result in unintended outputs. For example, if your flat rate shipping costs $12,345.67, you should enter 12345.67 or 12345,67 as the price. Here’s an example:

Please note that this change also reintroduces an issue with how decimals are displayed in the backend of the flat-rate shipping settings, as shown here. This is a known issue, but we made the decision to prioritize restoring backwards compatibility at this time.

  • Revert PR 46857 for backward compatibility #48753

10 responses to “WooCommerce 9.0.2 – Dot release to fix shipping calculation issues”

  1. There’s a lot to be desired in woo. Why no basic pick by categories? Shirts, skirts, pants , colors?

    1. Jacklyn Biggin Avatar
      Jacklyn Biggin

      Hey Julius! Can you give me a bit more context about what you’re asking about? Are you referring to categories impacting shipping costs, or something else?

  2. Midhun Raj Avatar
    Midhun Raj

    Is there any plans on adding a mobile country code selector that suitable for most international stores

    We run a store but we couldn’t unable to setup transactional notification through sms or by whatsapp and abandonment sms for international users because there’s no country code selector in woocommerce checkout

    We recently moved to woo block checkout with the release of 9.0. By using third-party will affect the store performance. If woo can implement these will be appreciated

    1. Hi Midhun, it is something we are interested in offering, but it’s not in our immediate plans right now.

      There may be some ways to build out a custom solution to offer this in the meantime

  3. Hello,
    I noticed that since 8.9.3 update Woocommerce is not tracking Order origins anymore on my website. My plugin is currently up-to-date but orders origin is still “Unknown”.

    Can you help me fixing this?

    1. Hi Alis, have you been able to test the different tracking sources using the information in this section:

      Can you check to see if testing with all of those sources continues to yield “unknown” in each case?

  4. Jeremy Murphree Avatar
    Jeremy Murphree

    That issue with the Jetpack Boost breaking Woocommerce checkout and mini cart is back.

    1. Jacklyn Biggin Avatar
      Jacklyn Biggin

      Hey Jeremy! Do you have any more context on the versions + settings you’re using (for both WooCommerce and Jetpack Boost)? We’ll take a look and see if we can reproduce.

  5. I have the same issue since 8.9.3 with order attribution. I’ve checked the Google refer aas per the docs but not working

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