Developer Advisory: Checkout Block Accessibility Issue in 9.1

We are issuing this advisory to alert the WooCommerce community about an accessibility issue found in the Checkout block of WooCommerce 9.1.0. The affected feature is being reverted today, however, see the workaround below in the meantime.

Issue Overview

The Checkout block underwent a number of styling changes – in this, global inheritance of colors in text inputs was added. Unfortunately, sites using dark themes and the checkout block without Dark Mode inputs enabled can look as though fields are missing labels if the text is white/light; this can lead to shoppers having no visibility into what the input field is for.

How Can I Tell If This Affects Me?

If you are running a site using the Checkout block, and are using a dark theme with light text and do not specifically have Dark Mode inputs enabled on the Checkout blocks, this may affect you

Workaround: In the meantime, you can follow these steps to change your settings.

  1. Activate the Dark Mode inputs in the Checkout block settings, which will make the input labels and values visible.

Actions We Are Taking

We are reverting this feature and taking a look at how to reapply the feature more robustly.

What Action Should I Take?

If you are using the Checkout block, take a look at your color settings, apply the workaround in immediacy. After the revert, this issue will no longer be present.


This was an internally reported finding. Thanks to the team for an immediate response.

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