WooCommerce 2.5.4 Fix Release

The WooCommerce 2.5.4 fix release is now available. You can download it on WordPress.org or as an automatic update in your administration panel.

A total of ~29 commits made it into this release fixing several minor issues and making some small tweaks.The biggest fix in 2.5.4 was utf8mb4 support for our database table schema (thanks JJJ). This was causing new users to have missing woocommerce_terms tables after install.

The changelog for 2.5.4 is below.

* Fix - Fix table creation when using utf8mb4 charset.
* Fix - Have wp_insert_post return WP_Error when creating our coupon, so the is_wp_error check can catch it.
* Fix - Clear sale price on save if sale is no longer valid.
* Fix - Round refund values to ensure refunds can be performed.
* Fix - When getting coupon by code used twice, latest should be queried.
* Fix - CLI improvements for setting up variations and deleting orders.
* Fix - Allow big selects when getting variations to support larger queries.
* Fix - Trigger webhook when user edits addresses on frontend.
* Fix - Hide shipping row when calculator is disabled, and shipping costs are hidden.
* Fix - Unset deleted attributes when updating products.
* Tweak - Update date for paid orders during non-manual updates only.
* Tweak - wc_get_page_permalink - if the page ID is not set, redirect home instead to prevent white screens.
* Tweak - Remove log dir from system status report.
* Tweak - When sorting by date, fallback to ID.
* Tweak - Rename pay link for clarity.
* Tweak - Provide a fallback message if copying to the clipboard fails in system status report.

If you spot any further issues, please report them to us in detail on Github so the development team can review – comments on this post are closed.

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