Dev Chat Summary: May 9th

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from May 9th. (agenda, Slack archive).

How we deal with “random” products and caching

Currently results from product shortcodes are saved in cache for 30 days, and this is raising issues with “Random” products since some users feel it is too much time.

All results were randomly chosen, even if you refresh five times and see the same products, not to mention that “Random” does not mean “New every page refresh”.

We decided to do a few extra queries, creating a range of random products saved in cache, so every page refresh we can randomly choose a range of products already cached and shuffle them. This will create an impression that have new products for every page refresh without the burden of querying new products each time.

Progress with CRUD search

We decided to split it into every CRUD object, so will be done products by 3.1, and then Coupons and Orders for 3.2.

Claudiu is currently work in a better way to do query search, like doing queries by date using:

<=2017-05-05 2017-05-05…2017-05-08 >=1493942400

Check #14971 for more details.

Progress with importer

Work in progress, but we have a parser ready and by the end of this week we’ll have it working. More news coming soon.

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