January 31st: Dev chat #23

We are reintroducing dev chats this year! Once a month we will hold an open forum about what’s going on in WooCommerce. These dev chats provide an opportunity to learn about and provide feedback around upcoming features and changes, and they foster an open dialogue between us and the WooCommerce community.

The next chat will be on January 31 at 16:00 UTC in the #core channel of the WooCommerce Community Slack. If you don’t already have access to the group, you can request an invite here.

The theme of this first dev chat is “2019”. We’ll be giving an overview of and answering questions you may have around big initiatives that we have planned for this year:

If you have any discussion topics or questions to propose for the agenda or anything related to the above, please leave a comment below.

See you there!

6 responses to “January 31st: Dev chat #23”

  1. How will the new wc-admin impact server performance? Will there be options for developers to throttle/disable server-intensive functionality, or disable the interface entirely?

    1. It’ll most likely be more performant and less server/resource intensive than the current UI. This is in part because it’s being built from scratch, and I’m sure performance will be a primary consideration throughout. It’s also using modern approaches that will make it easier to be more performant.

      That said, until core issues with the data stores are resolved, like the many JOINs required to search orders or products via post meta, there may be some legacy bottlenecks. But that’s what the 3rd initiative will be addressing also.

    2. Caleb – excellent question, and I’d be happy to chat more about it during the dev chat too, but as Brent said the new Analytics system is being built with performance in mind from the foundation up. The new reports are backed by date optimized lookup tables specifically designed to address the performance issues experienced in the legacy reports.

      Data is populated in these lookup tables using the new Action Scheduler job queue to not tie up normal order/product processes as well.

      We haven’t officially explored the idea of making analytics a configurable option yet, but I like that idea personally as it does provide store operators ( and developers ) the ability to use whichever analytics system they please. So will definitely discuss that with others on the team to get some more thoughts on the topic.

      Thanks again for posting the question – looking forward to chatting with you all next week.

  2. tobinfekkes Avatar

    Wonderful!! Glad to hear it.

  3. Awesome, Thanks for the information.

  4. I’m not a developer but look after our wordpress/woocommerce store.
    It would be nice to know what to expect from wc-admin, particularly whether reporting for variable products will be built in? Would be nice to be able to report on variations using the attributes and terms used to create products with. As it currently stands it’s pretty difficult/impossible to get to this information (even in phpMyAdmin) without plugins.
    Any info on this topic would be great to hear.

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