WooCommerce Blocks 3.8 release notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released! Version 3.8.0 is available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org. This version will also be available in the upcoming WooCommerce 4.8 release.

Bug Fix

This release fixes a bug where the Phone field missing from the checkout page when shipping was not configured.

For Developers

Documentation was updated to include a new document describing feature flags and experimental interfaces: feature-flags-and-experimental-interfaces.md.

We have updated our webpack config to be more compatible with Beanstalk deployment (3360)


  • Show the phone number field in the billing section when shipping is disabled in settings. (3376)
  • Add new doc referencing feature flags and experimental interfaces. (3348)
  • Change delimiter used for spltChunks from tilde to hyphens (3360)

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