WooCommerce Community News: September 2021

Howdy, Woo Developer Community! 👋 Here are some updates of recent happenings that you may have missed over the past month. Some items are detailed in previous posts on this blog, and other items are pulled from sources like GitHub. We’ve packaged everything into a digest to help keep everyone in the loop.

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WooCommerce Core

  • On September 21, 2021, there was a security patch released to address a server configuration setup used by some hosts which would, in some circumstances, make Analytics reports publicly available. Automatic updates were pushed out to stores, but merchants should ensure the update is applied, and they’re encouraged to disable directory listing on their web servers.
  • WooCommerce 5.7 was released on September 21, 2021. In addition to updated versions of WooCommerce Admin and WooCommerce Blocks, it also includes various other improvements, such as a redesigned Marketplace section, fixes that revert the legacy Select2 library back to version 4.0.3, and better support for local currency formatting.
  • The release candidate for WooCommerce 5.8 is now available for testing. It includes improvements that allow you to specify modified_before and modified_after fields in requests for products, orders, and coupons endpoints. It also includes updated versions of WooCommerce Admin and WooCommerce Blocks, as well as the security patches mentioned above. You can help us test out this release candidate by downloading the WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin, which allows you to easily switch between beta versions and release candidates.

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