WooCommerce Blocks 6.2.0 Release Notes

A new version of WooCommerce Blocks has been released!

Version 6.2.0 is now available for download from GitHub and WordPress.org.

The highlight of this release is the updated Cart Block! In addition, the release includes two enhancements as well as several bug fixes.

The new Cart block

The new iteration takes the existing design of the Cart Block and converts it to use Inner Blocks. For the user, this means that they are no longer constrained by a fixed layout but are instead given a cart constructed out of many smaller blocks, with more control over each individual block.

As an example, look at the Order Summary section in the current Cart Block. All options are shown at the Cart Block level, including options related to the order summary:

Now, the Order Summary has become its own block, with its own settings:

The List view provides a good picture of the block’s new structure:

This more flexible approach for example allows for some blocks like the Accepted Payment Methods to be repositioned. Additionally, it means the user can insert other blocks to the Cart without code:



  • Cart v2: The cart block, like checkout block, now supports inner blocks that allow for greater customizability. (4973)
  • BlockTemplateController: Adds the ability to load and manage block template files. (4981)
  • Improve accessibility for the editor view of the Product search block. (4905)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix custom classname support for inner checkout blocks. (4978)
  • Fix a bug in free orders and trial subscription products. (4955)
  • Remove duplicate attributes in saved block HTML. (4941)
  • Fix render error of Filter by Attribute block when no attribute is selected. (4847)
  • Store API – Ensure returned customer address state is valid. (4844)

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