WooCommerce Release Cadence Update

Hi folks!

We are announcing a change to the way our BETA and RC pre-releases are published.

In order to deliver a more stable release, we’ve decided to let the BETA pre-releases run one week longer. That means our RC pre-release is now reduced to one week. Pre-release versions will still be available for a total of 3 weeks prior to releasing the final version.

We have decided to do this in an effort to provide a more stable RC pre-release. By running a longer BETA cycle, we can ensure a more significant time for any bugs to arise and to be mitigated before the RC is released.

Please note that we have already started following this new schedule in the outgoing WooCommerce 6.7 release, and this post will serve as an official announcement to that fact.

The next BETA pre-release for version 6.8 is scheduled to be available from 2022/07/19 – 2022/08/01 and the next RC pre-release is scheduled to be available from 2022/08/02 – 2022/08/08. The final version will be available on 2022/08/09, as is usually done.

There are no other changes to the current release cadence, and we will continue shipping the final release on the second Tuesday of each month.


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