Archiving the #hpos-upgrade-party Channel

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our communication channels and provide a more efficient and effective platform for our developer community, we have decided to archive the #hpos-upgrade-party channel on our community Slack.

The #hpos-upgrade-party channel was a vibrant hub of activity during the HPOS upgrade parties. It served its purpose well, providing a dedicated space for discussions, troubleshooting, and celebrations related to the HPOS upgrades. However, now that the HPOS upgrades have stabilized, the channel has become less relevant.

One Friday, May 31st, we will archive the #hpos-upgrade-party.

Going forward, we encourage all developers to use the #developers channel for all discussions related to HPOS. This will allow us to consolidate our interactions and foster a more cohesive developer community.

HPOS Integration Resources

For those who are still working with HPOS or planning to do so, we have a wealth of resources available to assist you:

Have more question? Reach out to us on the Community Slack, #developers channel.

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