WooCommerce 5.5.0 Beta 1

The first beta package for WooCommerce 5.5.0 is now available as part of the July release cycle. You can download directly from WordPress.org or through our WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin.


  1. IE 11 support will not be available from this version.
  2. WooCommerce Blocks 5.2.0, 5.3.0, and 5.3.1. These updates contain a number of enhancements, bug fixes, and some behind-the-scenes work to allow third-party extensions to integrate with the Cart and Checkout blocks. Additionally, there’s been a change-around in the sidebar of the Cart and Checkout blocks.
  3. Action Scheduler 3.2.0 and 3.2.1. We have updated AS library from 3.1.6 to 3.2.1 in this release. This release comes with lots of fixes, especially around reducing deadlocks and increasing performance for sites with heavy traffic.
  4. WooCommerce Admin 2.4.0. This new package contains lots of bug fixes and stability improvements. 
  5. We have refactored the settings page infrastructure to allow for features like import/export of settings in future releases. Please check the related developer advisory.
  6. We have changed the names of the “Products” and “Products by Rating” widgets to “Products list” and “Product by Rating list”. The IDs of the widget are unchanged. If you have custom code or a plugin that relies on these widget names, make sure to change your code to use ID instead. #29941
  7. To better support the Payment Request Button on a cart page, we will pre-assign the default value to every checkout field if it’s defined. #29820

You can see more notable improvements in this list of PRs. For all the changes in all the included packages, see the changelog file.

Filters and actions

This release adds one filter:

woocommerce_should_load_paypal_standardAllow third-parties to filter whether PayPal Standard should be loaded or not

Database changes

There are no database changes in this release.

Template changes

In template templates/emails/customer-invoice.php condition is updated to use designated function instead of checking status. #29833

Release schedule

BetaJune 22, 2021
Release CandidateJune 29, 2021
5.5 Final ReleaseJuly 13, 2021
Release schedule for 5.5


If you’d like to dive in and help test this new release, our handy WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin allows you to switch between beta versions and release candidates. You can also download the release from wordpress.org.

A set of testing instructions has been published on our Wiki page in GitHub. We’ve also posted a helpful writeup on beta testing to help get you started.

If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let us know by logging a report in GitHub.

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