WooCommerce 6.0.0 Beta 1

As per the start of our December release cycle, WooCommerce 6.0.0’s first beta is now available. You can download directly from WordPress.org, or through our WooCommerce Beta Tester Plugin.


  • WooCommerce Blocks: We’ve updated to the 6.3.2 version of the feature plugin. See the release posts for 6.3.2 and 6.2.0 to find out what’s new.
  • WooCommerce Admin: We’ve updated to the 2.9-rc.2 version of the feature plugin. See the changelog to find out what’s new.
  • Product Attribute Filtering: With this release, we are entering the final stages of delivering our revamp of product attribute filtering. We have removed the need for a code snippet to show the feature; both the feature flag and system tool is now available for all merchants. #31228
  • Rate Limit Table: In order to address the performance issues caused by storing rate limits in the options table, we have created a new table to hold rate limit entries. #30960

Filters and Actions

This release adds two filters:

woocommerce_quantity_input_autocompleteAllows filtering the ‘autocomplete’ attribute for quantity inputs. #31196
woocommerce_has_block_templateFilters the return value of the block template check. #30997

This release adds two actions:

woocommerce_product_options_shipping_product_dataAfter the shipping options in the product data metabox. #30876
woocommerce_after_variations_tableAfter the variations table on the add-to-cart form. #29642

Database Changes

  • New woocommerce_rate_limits table. #30960

Template Changes

There are no template changes in this release.

Release Schedule

BetaNovember 23, 2021
Release CandidateNovember 30, 2021
Final ReleaseDecember 14, 2021


If you’d like to dive in and help test this new release, our handy WooCommerce Beta Tester plugin allows you to switch between beta versions and release candidates. You can also download the release from WordPress.org.

A set of testing instructions has been published on our Wiki page in GitHub. We’ve also posted a helpful writeup on beta testing to help get you started.

If you discover any bugs during the testing process, please let us know by logging a report in GitHub.

4 responses to “WooCommerce 6.0.0 Beta 1”

  1. Hi, there is a data when the block will come to the product page? It will be great and give us much more customization to the product discription

    1. Peter Fabian Avatar
      Peter Fabian

      Hi, if you mean the single product page, then there is no date set yet. As far as I know, one of the teams in Woo is going to work on exploration soon and plans to work on the implementation this summer.

  2. I really hate this versioning.

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